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The West Michigan World Trade Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to maintaining West Michigan’s competitive edge in the global marketplace. As part of this commitment, the organization wishes to encourage students to expand their academic knowledge by offering them scholarships for qualified study abroad programs. Scholarships will be awarded to students from West Michigan post-secondary academic institutions in amounts up to $1,000 and are based on program costs and financial need. The deadline to submit a scholarship for 2014 is Friday, April 4th.


Applications for the 2014 scholarship are available here.

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It’s Chips, Not Fries; Pounds, Not Dollars Mate:

My United Kingdom Journey

As a part of WMWTA's commitment to West Michigan, the organization awards a deserving student from a West Michigan post-secondary academic institution $1,000 in scholarship funds to expand their academic knowledge for a qualified study abroad program. Joe Duelo of Grand Valley State, awarded the 2010 WMWTA Scholarship, tells us about his journey the United Kingdom. 

"Collectively this trip aided me in learning a great deal about not only myself but about the World outside of Grand Rapids, MI, and everything it has to offer. With financial help from the West Michigan World Trade Association, I was able to further develop my ability to communicate more efficiently across cultures from all over Europe, which I hope will one day aid me in the business workplace."   Read more



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